Ops4Less cut the cost of IT operations


Here at Ops4Less we want to stay independent of the product vendors, but it is a useful service to you to provide you with directories of products.

Right now we provide two lists:

Low cost or open source or "free" products

    We include here any products where the software is available for free or at low cost to the public. This does not include free trials of paid software, but it does include software that has a paid "premium" version.

    We define "low cost" arbitrarily as less than US$1000 per site (not per seat) per annum for software and support. Some of the products here the TCO has not been verified yet: they appear because the software is free or cheap but the support or services may exceed the TCO. Let us know if this is so.

Software as a Service (SaaS) or on-demand or Cloud products

    Here we include SaaS (on-demand, ASP) and Cloud IT operations products for your interest. The popular assumption is that SaaS or Cloud is cheaper. This is NOT necessarily the case: caveat emptor, build your own business case.

You need to be logged in to use these lists. You can vote on these products, add more, or even edit the entries for them. Your submissions will be queued for approval so that we can categorise them, moderate them and filter out the spam.

We will strive to keep the entries objective, so vendor hype will also be filtered out as best we can. Over-hype may also be discussed mercilessly at the IT Skeptic website so beware.

Products are categorised according to which COBIT processes they support. COBIT is chosen over ITIL as it provides a much more comprehensive picture of IT operations. We use COBIT 4.1 to define process (for now - looking forward to COBIT 5).