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...the website dedicated to cutting the cost of IT Operations. "Better" is a useful by-product. "Cheaper" is our goal.

We speak to those making the decisions and those proposing them. If you want money spent on something in IT Operations and it doesn't include a cost saving, think again.

This site compiles, debates and improves all the ideas we can find for reducing the cost of IT Operations.

It is useful for CIOs and IT Operations Managers and team leads deciding on spending and wrestling with sinking budgets. It is just as useful for those who work for them. Having trouble getting on with or being noticed by your boss? Try taking them a proposal to save some money. Note we don't fixate on the "toys". This isn't only about cheaper tools. Our PAID model takes a holistic view across all aspects of IT spending.

We are doing this because there is a real trend here, a "sea change":

Once Development was the epicenter of IT, then Operations was. Now it is Service. Soon it will be Governance.

Operations is a commoditised domain now: people increasingly buy on price. Antivirus is a commodity. So is backup. So is much of the hardware. Watch what open source software does to systems and network management, media management and a bunch of ther software types. CIOs want to spend their money on an ITIL project, ISO20000 certification, SOX compliance, COBIT audit, Project Management Office, CMDB, and a Balanced Scorecard Dashboard. Funds for IT Operations are limited: it is all about cutting costs now, or soon will be.

So OPS4LESS is gathering ideas, techniques, and reviews to help that cost-cutting process along.

This site rewards collaboration and community. To read the full text of many entries, you need to register and log in.

So here we are at the beginning. Stay with us, share with us, as we build a body of knowledge around the many ways to do Ops For Less.

This page is part of a set of pages: "About"
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