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First you read it.

To read the full text of many entries, you need to become a member. To obtain a membership, simply register.

Important or useful information is organised into a hierarchal “book” under the “About” menu option on the main menu at top right – it is not just the usual yada yada yada.

Foreign readers can take advantage of BabelFish translation, which is a block (one of those areas on the left and right of the main page). As I write this, it is way down the bottom on the right, but I can move blocks occasionally.

If you want to dig back into the past, you can just scroll down (there are paging links at the bottom of the blog). Or you can check out:

  • Follow a topic thread. At the bottom of almost all posts are the "Related topics:" links so you can find posts on a similar topic.
  • Browse the topic threads, using the PAID block on the left.
  • Google search using the block about half-way down on the right


To save away bits of Ops4Less or to share with others, use your preferred book-marking tools such as Digg, Delicious or Google. At the bottom of each post there are icons for bookmarking. And there is a “social networks” block with links for bookmarking the whole blog (rather than individual posts) e.g. Technorati.

We provide “forward this page” and "forward this site" links so you can tell your friends.


To keep up to date with new posts you can use RSS or you can subscribe.

The RSS feeds are in a block on the right-hand side. There are feeds for the blog, for podcasts, and for comments.

To subscribe to email notifications, you need to register and log in.

If you click on "subscribe post" you'll get notified of new comments on that post.

You get auto-subscribed to anything you comment on. (If this is not working, click "My account" on the small menu block on the right, then "edit", then make sure the "Autosubscribe" checkbox is checked.)

Sadly we haven't found a way to get Drupal to consolidate all your notifications into the one daily email... yet.

To turn OFF getting notification emails:
Go to "My subscriptions" and turn off any threads etc that are checked.
Then go to "My account" (on the small menu at right), "edit" and turn off "Autosubscribe".


Please do participate in the site.
There is far too much Web 1.0 one-way pontificating around, especially in the IT world. Web 2.0 is all about two-way traffic, community and user creation of content.

You can take part:

  • Comment. Just click on the “add comment” link below a post or the “reply” link below a comment. You don’t need to register, though I think comments have more integrity if you do.
  • Contact us. Click on “Contact” on the main menu at top right. We welcome direct feedback and try to answer all mail. We respect the anonymity of contacts.
  • Contact other posters. If you click on the name of someone who posted a comment, you can see from their profile whether they allow others to contact them via this site (all email addresses themselves are hidden to prevent spam harvesters).
  • Share it round by using the social networking links and by emailing friends
  • Contribute content - ideas, stories, articles, reviews - and vote for those that are there.
This page is part of a set of pages: "About"
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