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Welcome to OPS4LESS

...the website dedicated to cutting the cost of IT Operations. "Better" is a useful by-product. "Cheaper" is our goal.

We speak to those making the decisions and those proposing them. If you want money spent on something in IT Operations and it doesn't include a cost saving, think again.

This site compiles, debates and improves all the ideas we can find for reducing the cost of IT Operations.

It is useful for CIOs and IT Operations Managers and team leads deciding on spending and wrestling with sinking budgets. It is just as useful for those who work for them. Having trouble getting on with or being noticed by your boss? Try taking them a proposal to save some money. Note we don't fixate on the "toys". This isn't only about cheaper tools. Our PAID model takes a holistic view across all aspects of IT spending.

We are doing this because there is a real trend here, a "sea change":


ControlTier is an open source, cross-platform build and deployment automation framework.

Monitor end-of-life products

Monitor end-of-life for IT technologies. Running software beyond end-of-life has inherent risks and costs

Leverage the recession - negotiate hard

The recession is driving down prices.


Here at Ops4Less we want to stay independent of the product vendors, but it is a useful service to you to provide you with directories of products.

Right now we provide two lists:

Keep service level reporting simple - black box it

Keep service level reporting simple - black box it. No need for complex monitoring solutions, at least not initially.

Automate user security provisioning

We are skeptical of the value of many automation tools but one area where the savings are pretty clear is user security provisioning

Lower data center cooling costs

The data center cooling model has changed. We now aim to cool individual pieces of equipment and are not as concerned with overall ambient temperatures.

Consolidate infrastructure tools

Most medium-sized IT organizations use upward of fifteen point solutions or more to monitor their infrastructure.

Move to a service-based approach versus an IT infrastructure approach

This will align IT with the business and ensure service delivery is performed at maximum effeciency.

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